Convenient Guide to property management Fairfax VA

16. January 2017 Blog 0

Located in the suburbs of Washington DC, Fairfax, Virginia is one of the top places to live in the US. Fairfax consists of a variety of residential and commercial properties. As a property owner, it is important to choose the best management companies to oversee your properties.

As you explore your options, this guide to property management Fairfax VA may help you narrow down your search.

Circle Property Management

Circle Property Management is a full service property management company, licensed in Virginia since 2008. The management company has many cost effective options. Circle Property Management uses a “soft touch” reminder program, which includes sending 11 emails per year to tenants. These emails remind tenants of maintenance responsibilities such as filter replacement, gutter cleaning, winter preparation and spring cleaning.

Utilizing the soft touch reminder program helps landlords to save on maintenance repair costs. Circle Property Management keeps properties well-maintained by:

  1. Finding qualified tenants
  2. Managing property
  3. Handling accounting

Circle Property Management has three affordable plans available to property owners:

  1. A La Carte (base level)-some guidance, professional resources when needed
  2. Turn-key-the ultimate service plan; all services grouped into one affordable monthly fee
  3. Flat Fee-includes most services; discounts on leasing

All three property management plans include rent deposits, owner income disbursements, Federal Tax Form 1099, Year End Statement, and online maintenance requests.

Real Property Management PROS

Real Property Management PROS has leased and managed 900+ properties in Northern Virginia. The management company assures quick property rentals, with an average of 14.2 days to find a qualified tenant to rent your property.

Real Property Management PROS provides timely dispersal of rental proceeds, maintains property while following rules and regulations of tenant/landlord law. With over 25 years of experience,this company is reliable, professional, and technology driven.

To eliminate hassle for property owners, Real Property Management PROS provides the following full-service property management:

  • Monthly rent collections
  • Monthly accounting statements
  • Remote online account access
  • Property inspections
  • 24/7 on-call emergency maintenance
  • Legal issues/evictions
  • Lease enforcement
  • All communications with tenants

WJD Management

WJD Management has provided Northern Virginia property management services since 1985. WJD simplifies life for property owners with professional and dependable service.

WJD Management’s property management services include:

  • Detailed rental market analysis
  • Marketing process, which begins 60 days before property is available to rent
  • Showing of property by rental agents (evaluation of tenant needs)
  • Qualification of tenants (employment verification, contact previous landlords, credit check)
  • Lease preparation
  • Tenant Handbook
  • Rent collection
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Accounting (your share of rent sent electronically to your bank account on the 6th of each month)
  • Investment Information (help evaluating real estate investments before your final decision)