Finding a Safe Property Management Business in Alexandria VA

21. February 2017 Blog 0

Alexandria, Virginia is a busy hub of activity that has been experiencing exponential growth in the past few years. Because it is situated so close to Washington, DC, many federal workers have chosen to escape the hustle and bustle of life in The District, opting for the more relaxed, laid back vibe of Alexandria. This has been a great boon for property owners as more and more people flood the area seeking rentals.

Many property management companies have also cropped up in response to the incredible growth and promise of plenty of work. Unfortunately, not all of these companies are on the up and up, leaving property owners leery of entrusting their real estate investments with anyone. Finding a reliable, safe property management business in Alexandria VA is simple though. This guide will help.

Look for a company with a good reputation. Unfortunately, many people simply do not do their homework. Signing with a property management company is just like any other proposition. You are entering into a business agreement with that company so you need to ensure that it is reputable. A little internet research can go a long way in this case.

Take some time to check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau in Virginia as well as any complaints with state real estate associations. Some of that information can be very telling and a few minutes of searching can save you a lot of irritation in the long run.

Ask other property owners for recommendations. Talk to other property owners and see which companies they work with and how satisfied they are. Often property owners will be happy to share information on great management companies that they work with as well as companies that don’t make the grade.

Ask real estate professionals for recommendations. Not all real estate agencies are property management companies, but because they are closely related and often do overlap, many agents will at least have some ideas of the most popular companies as well as companies you should avoid.

Take a look at their track record. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Take a look at the company’s work firsthand and see if it meets your standards. Visit some of the properties they manage, talk to their on site staff, and really get a feel for the work that they do. If you can talk to some of their actual tenants, that’s even better. Often the tenants will give you great insight into how well the property is managed and maintained.

While cheap rates may be very tempting, remember that you get what you pay for and the cheapest company may not be the best for you. In other words, don’t let price have too much of an influence on your decision. Your best bet is to rely more heavily on reputation and customer satisfaction. Those two qualities alone are worth their weight in gold when they are done right. You can find a safe property management business in Alexandria VA, it just takes patience, diligence, and a little investigative prowess.