Simplifying Huntington Beach Property Management

01. May 2017 Blog 0

Huntington Beach property management deals with the contradictions of Orange County, California – a laidback, beach bum reputation, but with all the trappings of nearby Hollywood and a healthy aerospace industry. This combination can lead to lucrative situations for property management. Huntington Beach is no exception, and while there are certain aspects of Surf City, USA, that may seem intimidating, there’s no need for experienced property managers to be concerned.

There can be a tendency to mythicize southern California, but when it comes to Huntington Beach property management, it’s best to approach the subject without being precious about it, or placing the area on a pedestal. Don’t overthink it. Anything that may be perceived as intimidating about property management in Huntington Beach can be overcome by studying the demographics and staying the course.

Rent and the Mythical Laidback Tenant

Property management anywhere concerns itself with the central issue of rent. It’s fair to consider the beach and the lifestyle that can come with it when considering Huntington Beach. If residents like to relax and go with the flow, that’s nifty, sure, but what does that mean for the property manager’s bottom line?

Demographics are key in answering this question. There are around 200,000 people living in Huntington Beach, and it’s safe to assume that most of them don’t contribute to that Surf City, USA, moniker. Over half of these residents are over the age of 40; nearly 20 percent of them are 65 or older. The average household income for Huntington Beach is over $100,000.

These numbers may not tell the full story, but they do reveal trends. For Huntington Beach property management, the trend is to deal with older, experienced professionals who, even if they enjoy a relaxing, go-with-the-flow lifestyle, know how to pay their rent on time.

Sustainable Property Management in a Tourist Town

Sure, calling a place Surf City, USA, gives certain impressions about it, but as stated above, there are around 200,000 people living in Huntington Beach, and that number is on the rise. The average cost of rent is also on the rise. That speaks to the city’s growing popularity with people who are looking to settle down there.

This gives property managers an abundance of high income tenants to choose from when filling a limited number of residences. Supply and demand at its finest insures quality tenants for property managers.

Additionally, property values are on a slight, but steady, upward trend. After a rocky handful of years following the burst of the housing bubble in 2008, things are back on track with no indication of falling off anytime soon. Not only is Huntington Beach far more than a tourist town, it is also a place where property managers can reside over sustainable growth.

Stay the Course

As with anywhere, Huntington Beach property management comes with risks and pitfalls. These are not unique to Huntington Beach, though, no matter how flashy the locale. The average income is higher than in most places, and that does provide an interesting clash with the perception of laidback Californians, but when it comes to Huntington Beach, the principles of property management remain the same.